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Natural Plus vol.5

■ナチュプラ ワンテクニックLESSON
■NAPUR カラーケアオイルライン


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Natural Plus vol.5

■60 years of 'our thanks'

■Time to ORGANIC color 

■Visiting the successful salon of NAPUR

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Natural Plus vol.4

■Suggest 'the trendy hairstyle' with new hair color!

■Hot items..... NAPUR can make your wishes come true.

■THE FUTURES..... collaboration with popular hairstylists.


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Natural Plus vol.3

■Organic color life for the premium-generation. 

■Get the premium-generation!    IMPRIME series to increase hair volume.

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Natural Plus vol.2

■Five reasons why hit salons that use CARETECT OG COLOR series are active. 

■Seminar on beautiful hairstyle technique that is recommended from this autumn.

■Seminar on display for CARETECT OG series made with 100/300 yen-goods.

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Natural Plus vol.1

■4 top hairstylists talking of "trend color "
■OG Color File of SUMMER in 2012
■Recommended color & style according to "the style of women you want to be"

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