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Message from president


I would like to thank for your interest in our company and products.

Napla Co.,Ltd entered the beauty industry in 1954 and launched the manufacture and sale of hair cosmetic products as KANSAIKAKEN Co.,Ltd in 1959.
Taking the opportunity of business expansion in 2006 after half the century, we changed our company name to Napla Co.,Ltd in order to clarify the corporate image 

London bridge' hair straightener released in 1982 got the Japanese hair salon market fast with a new idea of hair straightener.
Beginning with this, we have looked for the next trend of the beauty industry. From the customer's point of view, 'ACCESS FREE HB COLOR' was released in 2001 that is reduced smell by using the selected six kinds of herbal extracts. We support hair salons for their daily work with developing the product that meets needs of a consumer who cares of safety and security. Moreover, we try to make the product that makes a customer who comes hair salon happy. In the latest, we suggest customer a value-added product such as 'CARETECT HB series', which contains natural ingredients to bring out the original beauty of hair,and `CARETECT OG COLOR series`, which uses organic herbal extracts that is a new trend.

Napla's mission is to plus gentleness to hair, scalp, human and society. Back to the starting point, we try to make customer-oriented products that go through the quality control based on ISO 9001 to manufacture safe products.
We will continuously strengthen the partnership with distributors and hair salons to improve the beauty industry.


                                                                                                                                                                     Masanoei Takeda

Message from president