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Company policy and activity

Company philosophy


'- Coexistance and coprosperity -
As the company philosophy, Napla Co., Ltd provides the product that meets consumer needs with quick and smart working. 
Moreover, we enrich the welfare for employee with solid management and cooperate with other companies.
We try the management with profession and participation of all employee.    

Quality control of product


We obtained ISO 9001, certified by International Standards. 
This is the effective Quality Management System for Napla to provide customers the best quality and service all the time.
As a company, we take responsibility for the customer who always uses our products to verify and improve any issues regarding quality, service and operation.

Importance to WATER


Napla has positive feedbacks including quality from many customers. The reason is that our production factory is located in Mima city, Tokushima prefecture
where has full of nature surrounded by mountains.
With using water from Anabuki river that is called 'the Best fresh stream in Shikoku'*, our product has an advantage in quality over the industry.
*according to river water survey in 2013 from Shikoku Regional Development office, the Ministry of Land.  

Based on the great environment with full of nature, Napla tries to stick to the product that is easy for customers to use with considering beauty and safety of customers.  

Local contribution activities

Napla gives a part of profit to Mima city where Tokushima factory is located.
We would like to support and activate the community.

Production know-how over 60 years


Napla entered the beauty industry in 1950 and built the factory from early stage. 
Since then, we have maintained the quick production system from product planning, research & development to manufacture and sales.
Throughout immediate action to catch up the current trend and to meet come-and-go customer needs as well as the accumulated research data, experience and result, all these processes become our huge confidence to produce the reliable product.

Action plan for next generation training support

In Napla, the following action plan has been made to enable all employees to express their ability and to keep a work-life balance. 

Planning period  1st April 2011 - 31st March 2015 (4years of plan)

Study on the legal system such as The Labor Standards Law, The Childcare Leave Law.
The Employment Insurance Law, The Health Insurance Law and The Welfare Pension Insurance Law

Countermeasure From 20th March 2011
Investigation / research on the legal system.
From 1st April 2013
Plan / make the handbook to educate all employees as a common knowledge.
From 2015
Provide all employees the handbook.